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Bibliography - Encore


Encore - 5 'bis' for Mallets

groove, dance - African, Mexican - bis for recital

Introduction by Gordon Stout

These five pieces will definitely be enjoyed by all who come in contact with them.
For the player of marimba and vibraphone, they will provide valuable insight into different styles and kinds of music, as well as prove to be excellent for developing four mallets technique and improvisation.
For the mallet or percussion recital, these pieces can be played as solos or creatively arranged into various kinds and sizes of groups for programming variety and excitement. These pieces are simply great deal of fun to play and listen to!
If you want to involve your audience in your performance and make them move and dance to the music, these pieces are the answer. I know you will enjoy them as much as I do.

Gordon Stout

Purpose and comments

The purpose of this album is to present a collection of pieces which can be useful to an 'encore' after a recital or a percussion concert. These compositions are - qua timing and understanding - very easy receptive to the audience and refer to the origin of the marimba. Like in African and Mexican music, every tune is very receptive for improvisation and arrangements.
'Encore' is more directed to intermediate players.


1. Blade of light (04'45")
Solo for vibraphone in an ABACADA form through three tonalities (C major, E major and Ab major) with a lot of rhythmic games.
It is from the bottom of my heart that I want to thank a good friend Mr. Claude Giot for his incredible work and energy towards his unequalled Forum International de Percussions and the International Vibraphone Competition.
This song is dedicated to the late Claude Giot.

2. Sunny street (02'30")
A little Mexicanlike song in A major with thirds, sixths and octaves. Was programmed in Keiko Abe's class as an obliged piece for an exam.

3. Serengeti (05')
Serengeti was played on the final concert of Forum International de Percussions 2002 in a combination of a mallet ensemble (marimbas and vibraphones) and an African percussion ensemble (djembés and dumdums). Available on CD Electric Dakar with Doudou n'Diayé Rose and Frank Michiels (Etna Records).

4. Cancion y Danzón (01'40" & 02'47")
Like the title explains: let the marimba sing and dance. The introduction (cancion) contains a single melody line while the danzón deals with a tango-like chord progression. In contradiction with a lot of other marimba music, here you can find some piece with air.



Cancion y Danzon
by Piotr Rakowski
Forum Perkusji
Palac Ksiazecy - 18 Aug 2010
Zagan - Poland 


5. Pandeiro (03')
Pandeiro, dedicated to Gordon Stout, can be played either solo or either in duo. Solos (non imperative) in E major on chord progression E - B7. The world premier was played by Gordon Stout & Bart Quartier (mar 1), Emmanuel Séjourné & Jean Geoffroy (mar 2) and Paul Mindy (pandeiro) at the Forum International de Percussions 1999 at Saint-Sauves (France). Marimba 1 & 2 were doubled.




Percussion class of Wojciech Herzyk
Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music
Friday 21 March 2019
Katowice - Poland


Thanks to you all!


Ref. : A. 48001 P
33 pages
Timing : total   20 min.
Release : 2001

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