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Image - 20 Children's Songs for Marimba

start to play marimba - easy tunes - bestseller

Introduction by Robert Van Sice

For years it has seemed to me a type of sickness that young marimba students have been nourished on a strict diet of non-marimba music. Unfortunately this has spread even further down the chain to professional players presenting programs which contain only 25% music written for the instrument. It seems to me that if our instrument is ever to be accepted as a serious solo medium, we ourselves must first come to terms with its repertoire.

This collection of study pieces for young marimbists is one step in solving this problem.

These etudes are short, charming and intended to prepare the young student technically for the marimba writing today.

Robert Van Sice


The purpose of   'Image' is to present a collection of solo marimba music for the aspiring marimba player. In the years I studied with Robert Van Sice, I remarked a missing link in the repertoire between music schools and conservatories. So I collected a lot of specific items which appear in today's Western, European and Eastern marimba literature.
Those items are transposed into little songs - children's songs - very short and easy to play, easy to listen and to understand. Every tune contains a technical problem (different strokes movements...) translated in a musical way. The songs were inspired by those of Chick Corea.
In a recital the tunes work well as interludes between the more difficult repertoire. They give some relaxation and create some air for the player and the audience. Some of the manuscripts of 'Image' were played before Keiko Abe's class in 1989 at the Toho Gakyuen Music School, Tokyo and were received very well. The songs are also programmed in entrance exams in conservatories and are accepted in Robert Van Sice and William Moersch marimba education repertoire.
The book, directed to beginning marimba players with four mallets has till now a tremendous success and is distributed worldwide.


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Ref. : HL00317019
44 pages
Timing : total 21 min
Release : 1992