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Bibliography - Imagine


Imagine - a mental approach to Marimba playing

Start to teach yourself - improvise - based on ' Image '

Introduction by Robert Van Sice

"So many of the truths in music making are found behind the notes. As a performer Bart Quartier understands that and in this wonderful book he helps marimba players of all ages in their musical quest."


The purpose behind ' Imagine ' is to expose a mental approach to marimba playing. To me, my goal as a teacher is achieved at the moment when my student has become master of himself. To say it with Gordon Stout's words: " A good teacher has only to teach you how to teach yourself ". I do strongly believe that - provided that the student is conducted and sup-ported in a good way - the process of self-teaching can be started from the beginning.


This book contains a well explained concrete texture divided into three parts:

1. General considerations with regard to marimba playing
2. Analysis of ' Image ' 20 Children Songs for Marimba (Meredith Music U.S.A)
3. Appendix with more exercises and musical examples

The text is presented in short, very clear passages and in a vocabulary which can be easily understood by children. The examples translate the abstract thinking into concrete musical fragments. Much attention is paid to the construction of the exercises. They are built up step by step, starting at the very beginning to - if wanted - an advanced level. The goal of the combination of text and exercises is - besides developing a way of thinking rather than just playing the examples without knowing the meaning or the structure of them - to find the root of the problem and to try to figure a way of solving it.

The student is encouraged to improvise by making his own exercises. Developing his own vocabulary will not only improve his playing, his relationship with his instrument, but also his personality. Finally the musician will express his voice through his instrument. ' Imagine ' can be used by the teacher or by the student himself.

With ' Imagine ' I tried to expose my way of thinking which is developed by my years' experience. A tremendous rich experience due to teaching to children, teen-agers and adults, performing and recording a wide variety of styles with different ensembles and many very nice, great musicians. Thanks to you all!

Special thanks to Kristin Van den Buys from the research group 'Trobadors'
Koninklijk Muziekconservatorium Brussel - Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel

Translation verified by Gordon Stout  

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148 pages / wire-o bound
SKU: NMO12445