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Bibliography - Profils


Profils - 24 Essays pour Vibraphone et Piano

Start to play vibraphone - live accompaniment - 24 keys

Introduction by Daniel Goyone

While most composers are pianists, it is always heartening to see other instrumentalists composing. Bart Quartier plays marimba and vibraphone, and his music always brings out certain specific values, such as the importance of rhythms. He also displays a receptively open mind to other types of music in terms of form. Because of the variety in tonality and atmosphere that permeates this album, the player is led to progress in a stimulating manner.

Daniel Goyone

Purpose and content

The purpose of 'Profils' is to present a collection of essays written in 24 keys. The pieces are intended to improve the musicality of the beginning vibraphone player.
Transparent melodies do go through the 24 keys (C major, C minor, D major...) in different modes: twelve tone tune, melodic minor, pentatonic...and content a wide variety of styles: contemporary, classical, jazz, folk...
Each song describes a feeling (brave, shy, delighted...) and is written with a light piano accompaniment which can be played by an intermediate piano player.
This 'live' music chamber character will teach the young student to make phrases, to listen and to breathe with really easy material. Also his rhythmical sense will be improved as the vibraphone and the piano are performing almost as one instrument. In character, these pieces are very similar to those in 'Image'.

Score sample



Ref. : Vol. 1: HL26981 / Vol. 2 : HL27053
Vol. 1 : 32 pages / Vol. 2 : 32 pages
Timing : Vol. 1 : 16 min / Vol. 2 : 13 min
Release : 2000