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Dear Friends,

Happy to announce a new book:

12 grooves for Marimba

The main idea behind MOVE, 12 grooves for Marimba,
is about timing, pulsation, rhythm, place between notes ...
mainly for students of an intermediate level


 Recently some performances were added to Soundcloud

Vibraphone - Bart Quartier
Recording - Koen Plaetinck
Les Lundis D'Hortense - Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel

Please have a look at the Video page

 I'm your pal - Steve Swallow

A sequel to you - Diederik Wissels

Todi - Bart Quartier

On the Video page: tracks from a livestream concert

with Bart Van Caenegem

at De Plomblom, Ninove

on saturday 9th January 2021

From the setlist:

04. Sad – Bart Quartier
09. Sweet – Bart Quartier
16. Blue – Bart Quartier
19. Excited - Bart Quartier
Elm - Richie Beirach
Les Grelots - Eddy Louiss


Happy to announce a new double CD


FOCUS 24 Images for Vibraphone
IMAGE 20 Children’s Songs for Marimba


Available at

Etcetera Records

Review of Life Path
by Jason Baker, Associate Editor, in Percussive Notes, USA Sept 2019
Dixit Jason Baker: 'Bart Quartier may have created our genre's Mikrokosmos !' - 'Keith Jarrett meets Eric Satie'

Latest update: 16 July  2021